Our reporter (reporter Sun Xibao correspondent Zhang Pioneer) recently learned from the Northwest Oilfield that the total crude oil production of Tahe Oilfield, the main block of the Northwest Oilfield in Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, has broken 100 million tons, becoming the first marine carbonate oil field in China, with individual crude oil production reaching the target of 100 million tons.
Marine carbonate reservoirs are highly heterogeneous, like water-soluble caves in Guilin Mountain buried 5500 meters underground. There is no experience at home and abroad for reference. Exploration and development is a world-class problem. After years of exploration, the Northwest Petroleum people follow the idea of "fine velocity modeling, protection of diffraction low frequency, optimization of migration parameters", which is given by scientific researchers. CT scanning of strata can obtain qualified seismic exploration data and solve the "underground equation" of reservoir prediction in underground karst cave system, which becomes an important basis for well location deployment.
Up to now, the proven crude oil reserves in Tahe oilfield are 1.35 billion tons, and the annual oil production capacity is about 6 million tons.
With the exploitation of oil fields, some new problems are emerging. Especially in view of the characteristics of "high production and fast depletion" of such reservoirs, water injection and gas injection are adopted to increase oil production in Northwest Oilfield, so as to enhance oil recovery and glow the youthful of the oilfield.
In this process, the theory of marine carbonate reservoir formation and fractured-vuggy reservoir development was established successively in Northwest Oilfield, and integrated innovation formed matching technologies for exploration and development suited to complex geological conditions in Tarim Basin, which successfully solved the world-class problem of exploration and development of carbonate reservoir, and won the national prize twice. The first prize for scientific and technological progress supports the efficient exploration and benefit development of Tahe Oilfield.
"The stable production of Tahe Oilfield has contributed a lot to the national energy security. Northwest Oilfield will continue to increase oil and gas exploration and development efforts by upgrading oil and gas exploration technology and capabilities." Liu Baozeng, Executive Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopec Northwest Petroleum Bureau Limited, said.
Source: Workers'Daily

Tahe Oilfield, the first marine oil field in China, has produced more than 100 million tons of crude oil.

2019/09/02 14:06
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